Commissioners Proceedings Statement - Monday, June 11, 2018
Present were Chairman Loren Paul, Commissioners Jack Andersen and James Krotz and County Clerk Sindy Coburn.

Acting as the Board of Equalization (BOE) the Commissioners received from Assessor Tina Skinner a list of over-valued and undervalued properties.  The Board voted to approve the list as presented.

The Commissioners voted to re-consider the Blue Cross/Blue Shield sub-group plan approved on May 21 and then revised the plan to require that employees must work 30 hours/week in order to qualify for the benefit.  Current employees now participating in the plan but work fewer hours will be permitted to continue under a grandfather provision.

Road Superintendent Tom Kuester reported that a road in the Pleasant Point area has covered with water for several days.  He also reported that he had hired one new employee for department.

Leala Jimerson of the Extension Office requested that a desk be declared surplus.  The Commissioners approved and directed that the desk be sold.

The Commissioners authorized Sheriff Robbins to hire a contractor to fill a sinkhole and repair/replace the pavement in the prisoner exercise area of the jail.

Assessor Tina Skinner and Consultant Susan Lore met with the Board to report on the continuing update in the Assessors office.  MS Lore has met with some 60 to 75 property owners for informal hearings on their new valuations.

The Board agreed to begin Valuation Protest Hearings on June 25.

The next meeting of the Commissioners is scheduled for Monday, June 18.
All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.