Commissioners Proceedings Statement - Monday, January 8, 2018
By James Krotz

Present were Chairman Jack Andersen, Commissioners Loren Paul and James Krotz, Assessor Tina Skinner and Deputy Treasurer Renee Thies.

Acting as the Board of Equalization (BOE) the Commissioners approved four correction sheets presented by Assessor Skinner:  accepted the 100% Homestead Exemption of James and Maggie Irwin; denied the Homestead Exemption for Lavonne Flueckinger; approved the 30% economic depreciation factor for new commercial construction for Nathan and Dusta Davis; removed a structure wrongly recorded as sited on the Davis parcel and reassigned it to a parcel owned by Charles Walgren.

As required by law, the Board re-organized for the new year as follows:
Loren Paul was elected Chairman and James Krotz as Vice-Chairman.	
Commissioners were appointed to represent the County on the following boards: 
Andersen  Region I Behavioral Health Authority and Region 1 Office of Human Development.  Andersen also serves as an area representative on the Chief Elected Officials Board (CEOB) appointed by the Governor.
Paul  Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska, Aging Office of Western Nebraska and Panhandle Public Health. 
Krotz  Northwest Community Action Partnership, Region 23 Emergency Management, Generations in Volunteer Service (GIVE) and Sheridan County Extension Board.

The Sheridan County Journal-Star was designated the official newspaper of record.

Security First Bank (Rushville and Hay Springs), First National Gordon, Bank of the West and Sandhills State Bank and the Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust (NPATE) were designated as official depository banks of county funds.

County Clerk Sindy Coburn was designated the official contact person for the Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency, Gerri Ann Landreth was designated as alternate.  

The Board appointed Thomas Kuester as the Sheridan County Road Superintendent.    

The Commissioners agreed to continue the established schedule of meetings for 2018.  That schedule calls for the Board to meet on the second, third and fourth Monday of each month (excepting holidays) and any other times as called by the Chairman or the County Clerk.  

The county website was designated as the primary means of notification for public meetings of the Commissioners and BOE.

Jeremy Zakerewski appeared to discuss the cost of forced control of leafy spurge on Hall's Pine Ridge Ranch.  

Weed Superintendent Kristi Paul presented her annual report on the control of noxious weeds in the county.  The reports were approved for submission to the state.  Copies of the report are available for inspection in the office of the County Clerk.

Road Superintendent Tom Kuester reported that he has reached an agreement with an area grain hauler to "back-haul" red rock from South Dakota to the Hay Springs area.

As required by law the Commissioners set the salaries for elected officials for the next four years based on the recommendations of the Nebraska Association of County Officials salary study minimum salary range for counties in our tier.  Annual salaries are to be $44,445 in 2019, $45,830 in 2020, 47,215 in 2021 and $48,600 in 2022.   The annual salary of Board members will be one-half that of other elected officials.  The salary of a the County Surveyor, should one be elected, is set at $1,000 per year with no other benefits.

Philip Black, area representative for Congressman Adrian Smith, appeared to speak briefly on congressional accomplishments and to take questions.

The next scheduled meeting of the Commissioners will be Tuesday, January 16 at 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by James Krotz
All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.