Commissioners Proceedings Statement - Tuesday, October 10, 2017
By James Krotz

Present were Chairman Jack Andersen, Commissioners Loren Paul and James Krotz, County Clerk Sindy Coburn, Treasurer Peg Sones and Assessor Tina Skinner.

Acting as the Board of Equalization (BOE) the Commissioners met with James and Phyllis Kearns to discuss the valuation of a property in the estate of their late daughter Christina.   The Commissioners had to inform the Kearns that the deadline for adjusting such values for the current year has passed.

The BOE voted to approve the 2017 levies for the various municipalities, school and fire districts and other sub-governmental entities in the county.  

The Commissioners noted the resignation of Steve Waldron from the housekeeping staff and met with Barb Retzlaff and Dwaine Sones to discuss how best to address the staff vacancy created by his departure.  No decision was made.  The discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Road Superintendent Tom Kuester reported that he had accepted a quote from Nebraska Machinery for a "snow-wing" for the new motor-grader at a cost of $16,235.  The parts-incentive credit that came with the new motor-grader will more than cover the cost.  Kuester also informed the Board that the department would begin roadside mowing in the last week of October.  

County Clerk Sindy Coburn presented three resolutions authorizing the transfer of funds approved in the 2017-18 budget:  $1,296,220 from the General Fund to Roads, $3,000 from the General Fund to Veteranís Aid and $4,000 from the Visitors Promotion Fund to GIVE.  The Commissioners approved each resolution as presented.

County Zoning Administrator Gerald Larson appeared with Debra Galyen who hopes to establish a wedding chapel on her rural property south of Hay Springs.  Gaylen informed the Commissioners that the Nebraska Liquor Commission would require that property be zoned "commercial" in order to grant her a license.  Larsen and the Board outlined the steps she would need to take in order to launch the re-zoning process.

John Strasburger appeared to request the subdivision of a rural tract of less than 10 acres.  Upon discovery that he lacked a completed application form, consideration of the matter was postponed to October 16.

The Board discussed the possibility of entering into an agreement with Pictometry to provide a high-resolution aerial-photographic inventory of real property in the county.  Following a discussion of the cost of the proposal versus the possible benefit of  a more fair and equitable valuation, the Commissioners voted 2-1 to enter such an agreement and request that Pictometry prepare a contract for review/approval.  Krotz and Paul voted yes, Andersen voted no.

During the public comment segment of the meeting several elected officials expressed dissatisfaction with the state of communications with the Building Superintendent.

Treasurer Peg Sones informed the Commissioners she had received several inquiries about the placement of an ATM in the courthouse.  The Commissioners felt that the possibility was worth exploring and asked Sones to follow up with a possible provider.

The Commissioners conducted their quarterly inspection of the Jail and noted that the sidewalk and parking lot approaches had been completed and that work had begun on the replacement of the roof.

The next meeting of the Commissioners is scheduled for Monday, October 16.
All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.