Commissioners Proceedings Statement - Monday, May 15, 2017
By James Krotz

Present were Chairman Jack Andersen, Commissioners Loren Paul and James Krotz, Clerk Sindy Coburn and Treasurer Peg Sones.

Melissa Mracek, County 4-H Assistant, reported on recent activities including the "fidget-quilts" made by the Gordon group for residents of Countryside Care.  The Board agreed that the 4-H program could hire a summer intern without the need to meet all the usual hiring requirements for County employees.  

Road Superintendent Tom Kuester reported that the recent shop inspections by our insurance company (NIRMA) had gone well.   The inspector did recommend that the Department run an annual Department of Motor Vehicle record check on all employees.  

The Board voted to accept and approve the BC/BS subgroup application for County Employee health care.  The premium increase for 2017-18 will be 14%.  The plan has a $1500 deductible with a self-insured County buy down to $250.

The Board approved the transfer of $475,000 from the Inheritance Fund to the General Fund to pay for completed work on the energy upgrade project.

County Attorney Jamian Simmons met with the Board to provide counsel on the resignation of the Assessor.

The Clerk's office received Amanda Lane's resignation on Friday, May 13.  The Board voted to accept her resignation effective immediately.

The Board voted to appoint Deputy Assessor Tina Skinner as Interim Assessor at the rate of compensation established for elected officials.

The Board now has 45 days to fill the vacancy.  Qualified applicants may submit their application to the Board through the County Clerk no later than June 14.  The Commissioners will consider those applications and make an appointment to fill the unexpired term through January 3, 2019.  Applicants must hold an Assessorís Certificate as required by Nebraska statute and be a resident of the county or must on appointment become a resident of the county.

The Clerk, the Treasurer and the Commissioners discussed the next steps toward setting the 2017-18 Budget.  The Elected Officials will meet to discuss their hopes for wage adjustments in the coming year and report back to the Commissioners.

The next scheduled meeting of the Commissioners is set for Monday, May 22. 

Submitted by James Krotz 
All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.