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2016 Unofficial primary election results for Sheridan County ballot issues.

Due to a change in Nebraska Revised Statutes, only county offices with more than one candidate are on the ballot.
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Gordon Memorial Board of Directors - Non Partisan - Vote for two
No candidates filed for Gordon Memorial Board of Directors.
Heart of the Hills Levy
"Shall Heart of the Hills Rural Fire District #5 be allowed to levy a property tax not to exceed .05 cents per 100 dollars of taxable valuation in excess of the limits prescribed by law for a period of five years, for the purposes of both general obligations and building construction, remodeling, or site acquisition?"

If the majority of the votes cast upon the ballot question are in favor of such tax, the county board shall authorize a tax in excess of the limits in 77-3442 on the final levy allocation in section 77-3443 but such tax shall not exceed the amount stated in the ballot question. If a majority of those voting on the ballot question are opposed to such tax, the governing body of the political subdivision shall not impose such tax. A vote for this issue will authorize the district to exceed the levy limits and lift the lid limits.
Heart of the Hills Fire District Levy Increase
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